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PP Cosmetics B.V is the revolution in the Netherlandish medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical services, because it is the first company in the Netherlands that exclusively deals with brands that hadn’t been available in the Netherlands before. The founders of PP Cosmetics B.V had a clear vision: to only sell medical, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and skin care products that were very well-known and weren´t very well-known in the Netherlands, but that had (and have) an iconic status abroad. Not only the brands, but also the company’s service distinguish PP Cosmetics B.V from other medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical’ company. Today PP Cosmetics B.V offers a worldwide service.PP Cosmetics B.V offers medical, cosmetics, healthcare and pharmaceutical products at fantastic prices and also a comprehensive solution for our customers including shipping, direct delivery, customs services and insurance. We have high inventory levels to meet periods of high demand.

Customers are always invited and stimulated to take samples home with them when visiting us in order to experience the difference to other products, or to see which products are best for them. There is absolutely no pressure to buy the products on immediately. It’s the long term that counts to us, building a connection and showing customers what else there is to find in the world of perfume and cosmetics.

The quality and cosmetological functionality of its products are vital important, that´s why we constantley maintains and updates our standards of quality. Mondial is ISO, BRC, GMP and BSCI certified.

Streaming elements directly from the warehouse makes us a fast and credible partner. We have high inventory levels to meet periods of high demand. Shelf presence is strong, with many stores working with us adopting a ‘shop-in-shop’ concept. We also handle drop shipping, OEM services and personalised packaging. 

The company PP Cosmetics B.V, is a distributor, exporter and wholesaler, which was founded in 2019 is also active in the wellness, medical textile, chemical and beauty care industry. It has its headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands.

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